Here Global users can buy Chinese products with ease from 1688,Taobao,Tmall.

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1. What is “Shopping Agent Service”? How does it work? How do you charge it?

Shopping Agent Service is our main service. We purchase items from China to our customers based on customers’ wants and instructions. In addition, we provide services for the whole process from recommendation in purchasing, quality inspection, storage, sorting, consolidation, delivery and after sales services to ensure our customers receive satisfied items. The better shopping experience will be gained by using our Shopping Agent service.

Through Doesbuy’s website, you can get what you want by making payments with local currency. The processes are shown as below:

1. Login to our website to search the items you would like us to purchase for you by providing items details. In this step, we will provide some related information, such as delivery or purchase tip/ recommendations, or even to assist you to find the better options.

2. Once the items have arrived to our warehouse, we will inspect the items quality for you and store them in our warehouse. You have up to 30 days free storage to store your items.

3. You could pick a suitable time for delivery and remind us to deliver your items to you. If you do not need those items immediately, we recommend you to stock more items and deliver them into one shipment in order to save delivery fee.

4. No matter whether the items are on its way or arrived to your place, our customer service will take responsibilities to assist you regarding to any after-sales issues.

5% of the purchasing amount (or USD0.3, whichever is the greater) as service fee we would take for each order. Otherwise, if you want more services for your order further process, we have the price list for your reference (check here).

2. Do you ship worldwide? Shipping price? How long can you ship out our shipment after I place order and paid?

a) Yes, we are offering sourcing, package and ship worldwide.

b) Shipping price depend on the product weight, country of destination, you may check the estimated cost on our system (see how to do >> )

c) 2-5 days, because it could spend 1-4 days for the shipment from your supplier to our warehouse; we would ship out your package within 24 hours after the right order is received.

3. What could cause my order being closed after I placed order and paid?

a) Out of stock in supplier, some of your product (if multi-model in one order) was / were short.

b) You didn’t input the correct China mainland’s shipping cost (Inland shipping cost) in your order (see how to do >> ).
The order amount will come back to your balance after the order is closed.

4. Can the buying orders be cancelled or refunded?

Yes, but it is allowed to cancel for the order placed within 4 hours, because normally we will buy your product within 4 hours, or you could have to spend the costs shipping between supplier and our warehouse if we already bought, cancellation process:

Login your account and click “Your Order” → select the order “Cancel”,Your payment will be immediately refunded to your Doesbuy balance.

5. What are difference to buy between1688 and Taobao?

1688 focus on wholesale, Taobao target on retail

6. If I buy from different supplier, can you help consolidate in bulk? If so, what is the cost?

Yes, we can sort, consolidate, pack and label your product as your instructions.

Costs depend on the piece in the package, USD0.05 for each piece bundling (say, you request to pack 4 pcs, identical or different part, in one package (unit / fnsku), we would charge USD0.05 x 4=USD0.2 for this sorting and packing), and extra USD0.05 for FNSKU sticker labeling (more check

7. I am a dropshipper, I want to diversify my listing different from others, can you sort and pack with my brand logo package?

Yes, we can sort, pack with or without your logo, and make sure no Chinese words in the package.

8. Do I need to establish a 1688 or taobao’s account if I buy through your website?

No, you don’t need to have 1688 or taobao’s account, only copy the product link and paste on the “SEARCH” bar of our website, then work.

9. Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each order?

No, we don’t have MOQ request.

10. Does your business run from any online shopping platform?

Currently we are only work from, Taobao and Tmall, all are member of Alibaba group.

11. Is there a fixed agent service fee amount or a % of purchase? Service fee for shipping?Any hidden cost?

a) We will take 5% (or USD0.3) of purchase (product amount) as service fee, whichever is the greater.

b) No, we won’t charge any service fee from shipping cost.

c) No hidden costs, our costs are clear and transparent (more check

12. What is the advantage of your service by comparing to Alibaba and Aliexpress?

a) Lower Product Price: You can buy from at more lower price, you pay for what you see;

b) Diversify Your Product Listing: For dropshipping from Aliexpress, you can’t make your product different from others with multi-part combining packaged, with more efficient price to beat your competitors, but we can.

c) Lower Shipping Cost: For dropshipping from Aliexpress, you are not able to buy from different supplier and ship in one shipment, so you would have to pay more high shipping cost;

d) Efficient shipping route: For dropshipping from Aliexpress, you are difficult to select shipping method for various price, otherwise, we can advise you to select the fast route on our statics and experience.

13. Is it possible to make my shipment without tracking record in China, to avoid the client aware of the package shipping from China?

Yes, currently we have shipping routes to US (by USPS), Ca (by Canada Post) and Au (by Australia Post) without tracking record from China, the client wouldn’t see the shipment from China from the track on the carrier website, all track record show the package picked up and delivered by the Post carrier from the country of destination.

14. In order to make fast shipment, is it possible to buy some stock and keep in your warehouse ready for shipment?

Yes, we can store your stock in our warehouse free for 30 days. ( more check, we ship out your order immediately once receiving request.