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How to calculate the international shipping cost and select a right route for your shipment?

1. Going to “International Shipping Fee Calculator” of “SHIP FOR ME” select the country of destination, input the estimated weight of your shipment, Submit (You may directly tap the similar product on the right window “COMMON ITEM WEIGHT” to quickly input the weight).

2. Now you may select the shipping method on your favorite to ship your package by evaluating the price / shipping time.

Product Estimated Weight (After normal packed)

When you make the order in our system, you may want to know how much you would pay for the shipping costs from China to the consignee’s address, then you should need a rough weight value to help you estimate items 'shipping cost on our “Shipping Calculator”.

If you don't know the weight of your items, please check the chart below, our weight estimation value were from our items data on statistic.

But as a result, the shipping cost would be charged on actual weight value when its arrived at our warehouse and weigh in place.