Here Global users can buy Chinese products with ease from 1688,Taobao,Tmall.

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Why Ordering From & Taobao , instead of Alibaba , Aliexpress and Others?

〉〉Its About Costs Down!
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The 4 platforms (Alibaba, Aliexpress, 1688 & Taobao) are legit member of Alibaba group, belonging to sister company.
The Alibaba and 1688 focus on wholesale order, otherwise the Aliexpress and Taobao work on local retailer business.

Alibaba worked because it provided a bridge for buyers outside of China to buy from the vendors within China. That just makes sense.


Alibaba built on this success to launch, a local B2B (Taobao and Aliexpress focus on retailer B2C) trade network for vendors within China. It’s still not widely known outside of China and Alibaba even tries to distance itself from this platform outside of China.

1688 pronunciation in Chinese means make good fortune in the long time run and many Chinese people especially business folk think of this as an auspicious number, besides that 1688 is easy to remember, that’s why Alibaba changed its Chinese website into 1688.

The differences between these 4 platforms are…

1. Alibaba vendors and mostly, larger manufactures or trading companies
1688 are mostly smaller to medium manufactures
Aliexpress, Taobao are focusing on retailer, factory / trader to end user customers.

2. Larger manufactures or trading companies on Alibaba want higher MOQ and prices as they have the impression that YOU can afford it.
1688 vendors deal with Chinese buyers that demand local wholesale prices at low MOQ
Aliexpress & Taobao are the retail branch to the Alibaba group umbrella to target at consumers, due to this, there are no minimum order requirements – but the prices are much higher than 1688 and lower than Alibaba,
General price from high to low: Alibaba > Aliexpress > Taobao > 1688

3. Alibaba has no firm price the listing could state 1$ and when asked for a quote, they will jack up the prices. 1688, Taobao & Aliexpress vendors have firm quotes which you can purchase on the spot without haggling. (Not recommended as prices can still be haggled down)

4. Alibaba gold vendors pay $5000 USD a year, Aliexpress pay $2000-5000 USD (depending on category) a year, 1688 & Taobao vendors do not. Which just means 1688 & Taobao do not have to raise prices to cover this fee.

5. Most legit manufactures are on Alibaba, Aliexpress and 1688 & Taobao, but prices and MOQ and wildly different.

6. Alibaba manufactures are harder to deal with, 1688 & Taobao, Aliexpress manufactures are more flexible.

7. Alibaba & Aliexpress are in English with a Chinese back end for vendors, 1688 is all in Chinese as this is only target at local B2B, Taobao is working on local Chinese end user customer.

8. Alibaba & Aliexpress accept international payments, 1688 & Taobao only accept local payments via local Alipay and Banking.

9. Alibaba & Aliexpress vendors ship internationally (many times padding shipping cost), 1688 & Taobao vendors only ship within China at local cost.


Because 1688 & Taobao have worked so well, most of the real Alibaba & Aliexpress manufactures are gone leaving only trading companies and middle men on Alibaba, Aliexpress.
They simply get orders from you are buy off 1688 & Taobao, making a cut in between.
Making Alibaba,Aliexpress less of a bridge to international trade and more of marketplace for trading companies.