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Shipping Calculator

To Estimate Your Shipment's Fee

Common Item Weight:

Mobile0.2 kg
Hand Bag0.8 kg
Thick coat1.0 kg
T-Shirt0.2 kg
Dress0.3 kg
Long Boots2.0 kg
Trousers0.5 kg
High Heel1.0 kg
Tea Cup0.4 kg
Watch0.1 kg
Toys1.0 kg
Beauties1.0 kg
Camera1.5 kg
Laptop1.0 kg
Office supply0.4 kg
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How To Ship ?

  • 1
    Visual Inspection Check the order product to make sure everything conforming
  • 2
    Re-packaging Consolidation Pack with new polybag or box with your logo,if any, to customize product
  • 3
    Weigh Package BuyWeigh the package and calculate the shipping costs.
  • 4
    Process Payment Review the shipping method and weight, to process the payment
  • 5
    Ship Out Package Ship out the package and upload tracking number

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